The effect of video game in your brain

All that we do affect all our whole part as a person. What we eat has an effect on our body including the brain and even our emotions and reactions. All are interconnected. When we think of something, our body naturally works together for it to be accomplished. It is also the same with the effect of playing video games. In the video below, it was shared how playing video games has an effect on our brain. Let us watch the video then to understand.

It is informative and interesting to know that people will spend a total of three billion hours to play video games. People will play with a total of 1.3 billion. They play regularly to achieve that figure. It is also interesting to know that while people play games, the ability to absorb the real world decreases. It is also not helpful to let people be able to actually map or understand the whole world by playing video games as it is not a reality but a man-made one. For some environment purposes, you can ask for this company’s service 除蟲公司.  Even if it has directions and rules that will help you navigate.

It can also depend on what kind of game is being played. If you play games that are for the brain like puzzles then it will create many positive effects than playing action games that might slow part of the function of your brain a bit. It is natural to have a natural once in a while to maintain good health even if you want and love to play a video game all day.