The moment when you play online game is the moment you will forget your stresses and trouble because it is too good to bring you far from where you are seated. This is why there are gamers who are cheering and shouting not considerate of the people around them and that because of too much enjoyment, they even forget their time. Just as Mangga brings readers somewhere in beyond your roof, White Dwarf game does the same.

This is why gaming must be in correct time and purpose. You cannot be playing while your child is crying for help, you cannot be playing when you are in the school, you cannot be playing during your break times. It is not ok to be always playing around and forgetting what is more important than gaming. Gaming I not bad if you know how to control yourself.

In gaming, you seem to be the hero as you experience what a battle is like. Of course, while playing, you will look radiant and happy when you are keeping the right tract. The good point is that this game is a role-play game allowing gamers to apply this in their daily life. Of course, it is not that easy to play when you have so many things to do. If you have so many things to do, go on. No one forces you to play a game. It is because gaming is just given as a past time and should not be taken as the priority in life. So game for fun and not for bad.