Is Computer Evil? Gaming Scenario

Is computer evil? What is evil? Evil are wrong behaviors that we do in order to destroy something or someone. Then is computer evil? Maybe yes maybe no. For those who developed computer and computer software, they only sought to create what is helpful to being. Nowadays, there are many people being addicted to the use of computer and internet. This is now the problem of any society around the world. Who is to blame? Are we going to blame computer scientists and programmers?

Without programmers and compute scientists, we will not be able to taste all the comfort and easy way of life. In other words, the world where we are living in right now would have never been like this. Are they evil? Some programmers developed gaming for profit purposes. Are they evil? Many people fall into this pit? Are they victim? The world is full of mysterious things that are beyond our understanding. In human point of view, gaming programmers are evil since they create software that people could have not found.

We are in the computer world. Man is powerful to do whatever he can by his hands. But he is weak enough to follow his dictator—conscience. If programmers can create such things, then people cannot do otherwise but resist it rather than blaming those witty people. Why can others not control yourself when others can, and then blame the root of the game? Programmers created such things to earn money. It is all up to humans to eat whatever id offered to them.