Do you Play Game in Your House?

I play game in my house such as SODOKU, word game, and puzzle. I do this when  I am bored and I do this when I am in the situation where I could not sleep. It is because by playing these games, I come to learn a lot. But when I have to do something more important than gaming, I do it and put aside that gaming. I do not want to be troubling the people around me because of gaming.

Anyway, it is important for me to be acquainted with games since I need them in my daily life. I am a person who also need something for myself and I think that I need gaming in order to develop my analytical thinking skills. Of course, there are gaming that are not beneficial which I refuse to play. Besides that, wargame is something that is played by males. So I could also be playing those. But there is something that makes me refuse it.

I do not know. But I am aware of those kinds of games since i go along with my friends who play such games. My mother said, he cannot be there always beside me checking every actions I do so I have to discipline myself by controlling the desire of my body. I think once I play video games such as the war games, i may not be able to resist the temptation. So it is better not to do it. I choose my mother’s earnest request.